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We are recommended by financial advisers across the country for our expertise and client care in the equity release sector.

It is a requirement that your clients visit a solicitor in order to complete their equity release transaction. At Equilaw, we have the experience and knowledge of the equity release market and constantly review the products available to ensure that we can explain the risks and rewards at the touch of a button.

This enables us to give bespoke advice as to the details of the equity release plan and the legal obligations that attach to it. We do not tread on the toes of the adviser by recommending products or by discussing product suitability.

In our experience, clients prefer to work with financial advisers who work closely with a leading solicitor in the field as it provides added confidence in the equity release process.

For more information on how we, at Equilaw, work with financial advisers please contact us on 01452 657999 or email

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