Home Owners

Equity release allows you to release capital from your home. These funds can be used for whatever purpose you desire, whether that be home improvements, a second home, holidays or provisions for care in the home.

Here at Equilaw, the national legal advice service, we provide expert legal advice on the equity product which has been recommended to you by your financial adviser. We examine every aspect of the product, from legal obligations to the risks and rewards involved. We will not allow you to progress with your equity release plan until we are fully assured you understand every detail. We feel our personal service gives you the added confidence in our advice.

For more information about our likely legal fees, associated costs and the steps and timings involved in a typical equity release application please visit our Indicative Fees page.

We read the small print

As an independent national service we can advise you through every step of the process wherever you live in England or Wales.

For further information regarding Equilaw’s equity release legal service, please contact us on 01452 657999 or email equityrelease@equilaw.uk.com